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Derry-Londonderry, N.Ireland

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UK/Ireland 2018 Tour Dates (more to be added) 

Past show dates:


Alternative Bedtime Stories

What?     Belfast Comedy Festival


Where?   Accidental Theatre, 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast,                  BT2 7DB

When?   Sat 7th October, 9.15pm

Bedtime Stories

What?     Leicester Comedy Festival                   

When?    10th February, 2018. 5.50pm. 

Where?   The Criterion. (see below)

Just back after a successful at the Edinburgh Fringe, it was one of the hits of last year’s Belfast Comedy Festival. 

Once upon a time, two fair maidens dragged fairy tales kicking and screaming into the 21st century in this sharp and original review of all things “happily ever after”. Follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see your favourite bedtime stories poked with a big stick before being tossed into a cauldron with physical comedy and biting wit.

Sample the results. they may not taste as sweet as you remember. 


“An utterly hilarious show that left my jaws still aching from laughter for days after. Skillfully written, it expertly weaves an important and thought provoking message through an avalanche of laughter, fun and outstanding comedic performances. An absolute must-see. I can't wait to see it again!”

Alternative Christmas Stories

Where? Echo Echo Dance Theatre, Derry-Londonderry.

When?  Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st December, 2017. 8pm. 

**Age 16+ Tickets £8 pp


The MakeyUppers are back! Having been emboldened by the recent success of their show Alternative Bedtime Stories (Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Belfast Comedy Festival; Waterside Theatre), the comedy storytelling duo now take on the Greatest Bedtime Story of them all - The Story of Christmas! 

When?      Monday 12th February

Where?     The Bill Murray, 39 Queens Head Street
                 Islington, North London.


We have a slot at the renowned Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, London. This gig has links to some brilliant comics like Sara Pascoe, Isy Suttie and our partners on the Dragonfly stage in Edinburgh Thom Tuck, John-Luke Roberts and Ben Target. We are so friggin EXCITED! Come see what we've makey'd-up and tell your friends! 

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, London.