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We write and perform all of our own original material. Our work is very diverse and includes stage shows, street theatre, family shows, and interactive storytelling. We have a wide range of material suitable for very young children, teens, and adults of all ages. We have performed in Creches, Schools, Care Homes, Theatres, Festivals and Conferences. 

Alternative Bedtime Stories

It all started with this HIT SHOW  (5* from DIVA magazine, Ed Fringe 2018. 'Gifted Storytellers', Slugger O'Toole)

PLEASE NOTE: this show contains adult themes and strong language. A version for schools, with accompanying workshop(s) is available. 


"Once upon a time, two fair maidens dragged fairy tales kicking and screaming into the 21st century in this sharp and original review of all things “happily ever after”. Follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see your favourite bedtime stories poked with a big stick before being tossed into a cauldron with physical comedy and biting wit. 

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs into the mind of the MakeyUppers where you will stumble across the stories you thought you knew. Watch as they are poked with a big stick before being tossed into a cauldron with physical comedy and biting wit. Sample the results. They may not taste as sweet as you remember."

Interactive Storytelling:
MakeyUppers' Mystery Bag

CSI (Curious Story Investigators) Rita Book and Goodie Reed have stumbled upon a long lost mystery bag and need help in their investigation to discover who owns it and how it ended up so lost for so long.

An interactive performance of storytelling and craic unlike anything you will have seen before!


MakeyUppers lead this interactive performance in character as ‘Curious Story Investigators’. They arrive with a ‘mystery bag’ of objects which will form the basis of a prop-based storytelling workshop. The participants are guided through various steps towards making up a mini story about who owned the ‘mystery bag’ and where it came from. This story will then inspire an original spontaneous performance lead by the two actors with the participants providing additional dialogue and sound effects, etc. 

40-60 minute versions. Suitable for all ages. 

"Hilarious, silly and magical. The audience were hooked from the start- young and old alike"(Audience member, 2019)



The Fibbideers

Hortensia Bergamont, Rupert Tablesalt and Bev are a motley band of traveling minstrels who 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. They are often found in unlikely places entertaining themselves and their audiences with stories and songs. This comedy storytelling act includes elements of music and puppetry. Suitable for all ages. 

The Tinderbox

Experiece Hans Christian Anderson's story as you've never seen it before- barbie dolls, shadow puppets, dogs and sing-a-longs. 

Rose-Marie's Yankee Doodle Dander

Discover the hidden (and factually incorrect) history of one of Ireland's greatest exports. Interactive shenanigans that will have you fondly remembering Dance Hall dances, old timey romances and the joy of second chances. Hilarity for the young at heart.

Alternative CHRISTMAS Stories

A Christmas antidote for grown ups with all the seasons’ favourites. A Panto Nativity, an alternative carol service, the Krampus, a wandering babushka, and Christmas like you’ve never experienced it before.  The comedy storytellers delve into the furthest recesses of the festive season from across the world, find strange and familiar traditions, and give them the skew-whiffed MakeyUpper makeover to bring you a hilariously irreverent show with humour and horror in equal measure.

From the people who brought you ‘Alternative Bedtime Stories’, this is festive foolery not for the faint of heart.

(Suitable for 14+ due to strong language adult themes)



Help Goodie Reed learn more about how trees communicate with the help of 'In-tree-net Explorer' Ivy League and Big Momma Oak.


A fun, informative and interactive outdoor performance/workshop looking at the science behind how trees communicate through an underground network and what this teaches us about co-operation and mutual support. 


This unique performance/workshop involves team exercises relating to the surrounding natural environment. 


Suitable for children and young people age 5+ , family groups, etc

Granny D & Me

Granny D lives up a tree in Rosemount with her grand-daughter Wee Girl and best friend Wee Mucker. She sees all with her mysterious bag of eyes and loves entertaining visitors with tales of her travels in her magic bubble. Whether you're a human, skeleton or giant, all are welcome in Granny D's Magical Treehouse.

Available as a stage show or interactive games and story sessions for children. 

"Fantastic...fabulous....pitched perfectly. I loved it!" (Early Years Practitioner, 2021) 


Brigid's CROSS (no, seriously, she's ragin'!)

Is Brigid a goddess or a saint? Who is she and where did she come from? Why does she continue to mean so much to people all over the world? Meet the extraordinary figure and discover that there is an aspect of Brigid to suit everyone. 

This started life as a Zoom show commissioned by the Irish Secretariat in 2021. It evolved into a stage show in 2022 and was performed for St Brigid's Day/Imbolc/1st February. 

Pat Riarchy and Con Zume

These two turn up everywhere. They love an audience and the sound of their own voices and they always have plenty to say. 

These characters were born out of our work on Patriarchy and Capitalism with The Junction, NI. They have appeared in our short film 'Pat Riarchy: Who Do I Think I Am' and feature heavily in our course 'You, Me & Patriarchy'; a 12 week programme for adults using theatre and storytelling to explore the origins and impact of patriarchy as a global system and the alternatives. 

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