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Derry-Londonderry, N.Ireland

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Conference Sketches 

We have performed sketches on a number of issues at many conferences. Sketches can add a really dynamic and entertaining element to a conference and are often one of the best ways of getting an issue across.


Examples of issues we have addresses at previous conferences include, but are not limited to, issues affecting young women, internet safety, sexual health, gender stereotypes, Patriarchy, 100 Years of Votes for Women.

We can write and perform pieces to order. Get in touch for more information.

Entertaining Education

We design and deliver workshop packages for groups on request. Please see some examples below.

Anti-prejudice Workshops: Key Stage 3. Using sketches from our show, Alternative Bedtime Stories, we address issues around stereotyping, 'Fake News' and the importance of questioning the world we live in. 

Alternative Bedtime Stories for Schools: A school-friendly version of our hit show plus follow up workshop(s) to address issues raised in the performance. (stereotypes, rape culture, positive relationships, etc)

Interactive Storytelling: One of our most popular packages can be tailored to suit any age group, theme or space. Some examples include:

'CSI Training Mission'. Suitable for Children aged 2-9 years. 'Curious Story Investigators Rita Book and Goodie Reed lead potential recruits through a rigorous training mission under the supervision of Colonel Fox, Major Elephant, Sergeant Giraffe and others. A hilarious, interactive adventure full of physical play, cognitive tasks and games to aid creativity, team work and literacy.'

Mystery Bag: A huge hit with audiences young and old. This is storytelling at it's wackiest and most spontaneous. Mystery Bag can be tailored to suit a specific theme if desired (ie: nautical, war time, etc). We have used it very successfully at family events, as well as for very young children and older people in care homes. 

Rose-Marie's Yankee Doodle Dander

Discover the hidden (and factually incorrect) history of one of Ireland's greatest exports. Interactive shenanigans that will have you fondly remembering Dance Hall dances, old timey romances and the joy of second chances. Hilarity for the young at heart. (Ideal for care homes and reminiscence based work) 

Drama and Storytelling Workshops

As experienced and trained actors and facilitators we can provide more in depth drama and theatre making sessions incorporating a wide range of skills. Suitable for all ages and abilities and always with a focus on collaboration and empowerment. Examples include:

Introductory sessions to drama/theatre making/storytelling

Meisner Technique taster sessions and actor training

Mask and Clown

Character development

Introduction to Shakespeare